Saturday, June 24, 2006

~ Xiao Bai ~

This is my dog, Xiao Bai, means Small White in English. He is a male Maltese.
To me Xiao Bai is the most special dog, my best companion...I love him so much because Xiao Bai is...

1. Attentive : He always listens to what I talk, his favorite words are biscuit, eat, bacon, chewing stick, going out, ...When he hear those words, he will raise his ear and give me his excited look. He always runs to me whenever I call his name. He will sit quietly on my side when I feel sad or about to cry...But he will hide from me when he knows he did something wrong...

2. Smart : He is a very clever dog, he can learn things fast, he knows how to shake hand, give me a high five, turn many rounds, act dead by lying down patiently with head down and two legs behind, stand with only two legs and moving his two front legs as if he is praying. I call that action "pray pray".

3. Clean : After pooping or peeing, he will always wait for me to wipe his buttock before running around or jumping onto the bed...He hates it when you shout "sai sai" (means poop) near to him, he will run away from you and bark at you... :D

4. Playful: He loves to play and stuff toys, he has so many stuff toys yet as long as he notices a new toy he will ask for it. I love stuff toys too, so sometimes I will buy for myself, but must hide from him, if not he will think that I bought it for him...Xiao Bai likes to grasp the toy by his mouth and then shake it as hard as he can or try to pull the toy apart. He also love to play fetch or tug of war with me.

Only one thing about Xiao Bai that annoys me is his licking habit. Not licking himself but licking my hands, my legs and my face. I like to put him on my lap when I'm watching movies or surfing internet. Most of the time I will ignore him, but sometimes he can lick me for a very long time, then I will shout at him:" no licking!!!" He will give me his innocent look and assume that he did nothing wrong. =___=


Black Moon said...

chao Xieo? Bai'!
May van khoe chu ?, tao la ban cua me may o Viet Nam xa xoi hom nay ghe nha may .Thay may la mot con cho dep va thong minh , taoi rat mung . tu dung tao lai nho den con cho cua tao ( may phai goi no la bac Got day ) no rat giong may nhung bay gio no da bo di roi . May nho ngoan nhe , an that nhieu , ngu that nhieu , mong may soom co mot tinh yeu dep va dung bao gio theo Me cua may ve Viet Nam , so lam ...... nguoi ta se rat quy may .. ha ha ha

Bear Bear said...

Xiao Bai nhan' tao gui loi` cam on may` vi` khen no dep va` chia buon` voi may` ve` con Got da~ bo nha di len nui...hahahaha