Friday, September 22, 2006

Nasty Hives!!!

This is the first time I've had a terrible nasty rash called Hives (Urticaria). At first I only saw less than ten bumps (swellings) here and there on my body and I thought that was mosquitoes bite. I even joked about it.

I can endure a little pain, like most of the time when I cut or hurt myself and I won't feel anything or know it until I saw the scars or the blue black bumps. However I can't stand itchiness!!!

I scratched like a crazy monkey without knowing that scratching can stimulate more hives and itching . "Hives appear as raised whitish or flesh-colored bumps on the skin, sometimes surrounded by a red blotch. Typically round or oval, hives often itch... Hives happen when the cells in the skin called mast cells release histamine, a chemical that causes tiny blood vessels (capillaries) to leak fluid. When this leaking fluid accumulates in the skin, it forms the small swellings and some may blend to form larger areas of swelling on the skin that often are itchy"

MY GOSH!!! Why I didn't know it earlier. It's been over a week now I can see many ugly bumps, even some scars on my body, mostly on my arms and legs.


I'm thinking how did I get it?
"Hives can be one symptom of a whole-body (systemic) allergic reaction to something that was:

+ Inhaled — Pollens, animal dander, molds
+ Injected — Insect stings or bites, especially bee stings, or injected medication
+ Ingested — Foods (tree nuts; fish and shellfish; dairy products; legumes, especially peanuts), food additives, medications such as penicillin or aspirin..."

Foods? Maybe not, I know what I eat. Medications? I only eat Centrum daily. Inhaled molds? Weird!!! Insect bites? Must be!!!

They say it usually goes away on its own after several weeks. But I think I can't even wait for a few more days!!!

It's almost 5am here, but I don't feel sleepy at all. Only feel very itchy right now, but I have to stop myself from scratching. Now I can tell what I hate the most. It's the itch that CAN'T BE SCRATCHED!!!

Xiao Bai : Are you alright?
Bear Bear: No, I'm not.


Dana said...

Bless your heart! That sounds horrible. Hope it goes away soon.

Di Stefano DereK said...

wow......I hope you get better, be careful, rest in your bed and think nice things =P, take you medicine and relax ;)

A lot of kisses for you and Xiao bai

Keith said...

I think you should go to your doctor and have him test you for Allergies...

If you do just be sure to tell him everything you have done and where you have been in the past few weeks (inluding plants and animals), you might have been exposed to something that you never have before...

OJ said...

I know how it feels. Out of nowhere, and 8 weeks later, as bad as ever. Then I was refered to an antihisamyne medication, called Telfast 180 ( in Australia non prescription) - and not a scratch or tickle this week!

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Dana, Derek and Keith.

I went to see doctor this morning. He gave me a nonprescription antihistamine medication and anti-itching cream to apply. I had my blood tests too. I'll see him again tomorrow.

Thanks OJ.

...But what? 8 weeks later? 0_o *fainted*
Hope I can recover as soon as possible!!! Just over a week and already feeling like hell!!!=_=

Singithi said...

Wish you a quick recovery. I had ringworm last year, it took only a week to recover!

JM Snyder said...

I have had chronic hives since October of 2001. If they don't clear up on their own, try going to an allergist ~ I take Zyrtec, Hydroxyzine, and Zantac every day to keep it in check, but if you have just a small outbreak, try Benadryl or Aveeno. Allergy meds like Allegra and Claritin also work but not for long.

Hives can be caused by stress or allergies. Mine are stress related because I'm not allergic to regular allergins, though I get hives from medicines I'm allergic to. You should try to remember when you first saw them and what changed in your life at that time may be the cause.

Good luck!

ahhong said...

how is it now?better?
think drink more water and sleep more will u are no scratch ^^

Tricia said...

I get hives every now and then, it's terrible. I also take a medication that makes me insanely itchy every now and then too.

I'm itching just reading your story! My sympathy.

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Singithi, JM Snyder and Tricia for dropping me your comments and very nice of you for sharing me your stories.

Thanks ahhong for laughing at me

Hahaaaa, I'm just joking =P
Thanks for your concern, and I think I'm getting a lil bit better ^^ said...

Hope you get well soon
Poor you

Thao said...

When I went to the Bahamas I got bit by a bug and went to the clinic from an allergic reaction. Then as I got older I developed food allergies to walnuts, cucumbers, melons and coconut. I would get hives and my face would swell up. I would have to go to the hospital. Now I carry an epi-pen to give myself a shot of epinephrine if I have an allergic reaction.

You should go to the doctor to figure out what is causing the hives before it gets worse and get surprised with more severe symptoms.

Thao said...

Sorry bear bear, just read that you did go to the doctor.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Hello, Xiao Bai. My name is Momo. I live in Japan with Pandabonium and K.
Just wanted to say 'woof' and send you a tail wag.

'Hope Bear Bear's hives go away soon.

Bear Bear said...

Thanks to Yenjai and Thao for your comments ^__^

To Momo:

Xiao Bai was very happy when I told him someone said "Hi" to him. He ask me quickly help him reply "Woof" to you too. ^_-

singye said...

omg, how pity r u..

but good to hear that u are recovering :)