Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bugis Street

This is a very common place in Singapore, so this post is not for the locals!!!

Anyway, these days I don't have any interesting places to blog about, so I just post about my casual trip to Bugis Street! Heee!!!

Bugis Street, as you can see, this is the largest street mall bazaar in Singapore!

There are many shops inside this mall, most shops are selling clothes which you can bargain on the price. There are also many souvenir shops catering to the tourists.

While walking along Bugis Street, I noticed that these trishaws have different designs. There are Transformers, Batman, fishes, rainbow, flowers...Now the tourist can choose their ride according to which design they like. It sounds interesting! Maybe next time when my friends come to Singapore, I would like to have a ride with them.

This is the coolest trishaw that I spotted! A Batman trishaw!

It's me inside a restaurant called Lai Lai. I was playing some games while waiting for my food! A game geek!

Their specialty dish: Taiwanese Beef Noodles!


John (in Elko, NV, USA) said...

You are a beautiful lady.

Jerine said...

finally an update. i used to love bugis a lot. cheap flip flops!

eMz said...

read this just before lunch....big mistake! T_T

Anonymous said...

Shop til you drop. That's what every singaporean girl will say. To select my choices, I sometimes visit for new shopping destination ideas.

♥dollies said...

Well, thanks .. I like reading your blog too. Very well info for foreigners . Haa .

Pandabonium said...

Wow. So Bugis is Bogus?

Bear Bear said...

To Pandabonium: No, it's not pronounced as Bogus! XD.

It's Boo - Geese! XD

J said...

many shops there izit?!!
i did went few years ago ..

Bear Bear said...

J: Why do you make your blog private? T___T