Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wishing upon a satellite

I'm staying awake until now, already pass 5 a.m. For the whole night, I could only spot one shooting star, but I'm not sure if it was it or maybe I mistook it for a satellite by my tired and watery eyes.

Around 10 pm, the rain had stopped and we slowly made our way to the Japanese Garden. To my surprise, it was super crowded! After enjoying Kenji William's performance and walked a few rounds inside the garden, we decided to go home and waited for the meteor shower at our balcony.

The moment I "thought" I've spotted a shooting star, I tell Lg:

Me: I saw it! I saw the shooting star. Over there! *pointed my finger*
Lg: Really? Did you wish?
Me: No, it happened so fast! Like less than a second!
Lg: That is too short! How could someone wish upon a shooting star like that?
Me: I think so too! Now I know why people say if you can wish upon a shooting star, your wish will come true! That's impossible!

We continued waiting to catch another shooting star, but after 45 minutes later, I broke the silence.

Me: It's already past 5 a.m but I didn't see any shooting star at all! I'm so disappointed!
Lg: I sprained my neck already! All I see are satellites!
Me: Me too! We might as well wish upon a satellite, that's easier! We can wish as many as the number of satellites we saw! But I will count them tomorrow! *Yawn*

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