Saturday, July 13, 2013

Singapore River Safari 2013

We went to River Safari, it's a river-themed wildlife park and it's newly opened, I was so excited to visit it with the family.

There were lots of problems happening in my life lately, but somehow I learned to control my mood in different situations. That's a good improvement!!!

I was happy to see my nephews enjoying the trip!!! They showed more excitement than me when looking at the animal exhibits.

The first part of the park was exploring the Rivers Of The World, we were happily exploring and taking photos along the way!

I was impressed with the massive exhibit of Mekong River's theme, a giant "fish tank" at 3 metres high, where we can see the Mekong's largest fishes - the giant fresh water stingray and the giant catfish closely!

Continued our walk to Yangtze River theme and saw the alligator, it stayed still in one position for a long time, like posing for my camera!

The highlight of the park is of course to visit the Giant Panda Forest, home to Kai Kai and Jia Jia - the giant pandas, together with the adorable red panda and the colourful golden pheasant.

We continued walking to the second part of the park which is Wild Amazonia. Unfortunately, the Amazon River Quest boat ride and animal exhibits along this ride will only be available until later this year.

Took a rest and grabbed some bites at the Mama Panda Kitchen.

More rest at the Amazon River Square for a River Talk show.

We were overwhelmed by the Amazon Flooded Forest, the world's largest freshwater aquarium. We shared a memorable moment watching the Giant River Otters, they kept diving towards us and performed some stunts!!!

The last part of our trip was walking through the Squirrel Monkey Forest. The monkeys were so small and cute!

I think it does not take much effort to feel good, just enjoy the moments, really to indulge in living every moment you breath, not to worry about what will happen next.

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