Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Singapore Biennale 2013

I managed to visit the Singapore Biennale 2013 before the event ends on 16 February! When I first knew about the event, I was so excited for a visit, but I kept procrastinating, because I didn't have the time for it! In the end, the event was fantastic, I'm so glad I experienced it!

If the World Changed, the title of the 4th Singapore Biennale, is an invitation to artists to respond to and reconsider the worlds we live in, and the worlds we want to live in.

The event was held at several locations in Singapore, but most of the works were displayed at the Singapore Art Museum. A warm welcome by a set of sculptures "We Never Fell" displayed at the entrance of the museum.

The first installation caught my attention was this wooden boat filled with a thousand glass bottles inscribed with messages. It was a surprise to know that these messages are from male prison inmates in Singapore. I tried to read each and every message while admiring the calligraphy!

Stillness of Reflection, collages on the walls of the SAM, convey the complexities of photographic dimension and distance. "The work alludes to a rapidly changing world, where perceptions are continuously shifting, whether the focus is on a lone pixel, a single shot or a tapestry of images viewed from vary distances."

Road to Nirvana, "The strategic use of photo luminescent string illuminated a pathway for passers-by both in the day and at night, while the hypnotic tinkling of bells induces a heightened awareness of one's environment and visual space, conjuring a sense of meditation of self-reflexivity."

Artworks by Marisa Darasavath. "Darasavath's practice for the past decade, centres on her fascination with the female gender and form. In this series of works, she accords the female form an unwavering focus that is otherwise absent in patriarchal Lao society."

"The Sick Classroom is an artist's replica of a real classroom in the village of Thuye'dan, Myanma."

We Live, "this work was envisioned as an act of mediation, whereby the artist collaborated with workshop participants to assemble large-scale fish skeletons on the dried-up riverbank".

Longing, "inviting visitors to enter a small, empty room and attempt the spirit level balancing act"

The grass is always greener on the inside.

Hello stranger!

Between Worlds, installation with leather puppets in glass bottles.

Fruits of Life, the two scenarios here are reconstructions of landscapes that the artist has observed. He puts it up to the public to choose the reality they prefer and reflect on the price they are willing to pay for it.

Cosmology of Life, "these miniature, talisman-like sculptures were intuitively carved and shaped by Kanwa to express his worldview of nature, spirituality and the macro and micro cosmos."

Specula, "is Latin for 'mirror'. Specula functions as a ritualistic space where temporal planes coincide to create a liminal space of duality and otherness".

Several untitled artworks that the museum allow visitors to name.

This is one of my favourite installation, Peace Can Be Realised Even Without Order, referencing the transcendental experiences of primitive dance and indigenous festival in Japan. " In this interactive, animated diorama, the cut-out figures interact with one another and also react to the viewer's presence."

El Fin del Mundo (The End of the World), is a two-screen video installation, which is the first part of the larger News from Nowhere project by Moon and Jeon, is a paean to the possibilities of aesthetics beyond the end of art."

Mixed media installation from Philippines.

My Longhouse Story.

The 5 Principle No-s and Belief in God.

Exhibition continues at SAM at 8Q.

More video installations and photography.

Even though I haven't visited the rest of the locations of the Biennale but I'm glad I had seen most of the exhibition!

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