Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The way I love you

This poem was written by me, for my dearest husband, from the bottom of my heart!

The way I love you

I needed time to feel secure
You gave me all the time in the world
Never question, patiently waited
Showered me love, unconditionally

Never give up, never let me go
Faith is what I see in you
Trust is found when I'm with you
Love is so pure, you let me know

Years have passed and so I've grown
Here I am, keeping my promise
I'll love you eternally
Thanks so much for making me see

We are soul mate, you are my confidant
You love me even in my worst
You caught me every time I fell
You touched me with such tender heart

Now it's time I let you know
I love you more than words can show
Care about you more than you could ever know
Until forever this will be true,
there is no one I would ever love the way I love you.

From your Bear Bear!


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