Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Extension - Part 1

We went to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve lately to visit the new 31-hectare extension that was opened on Dec 6 this year!

Click this link for our previous trip to Sungei Buloh in 2011.

We took a taxi to the Kranji Way Entrance, since we wanted to go straight to the new extension! On the way there, we passed by lots of farms and plantations! I tried to see if we can take bus there, but sad to say it's quite a remoted place, even though it's totally worth the visit!

The pretty entrance immediately perked up our mood, despite the gloomy weather that day!

As we walked towards the Visitor Centre, we spotted a grand display of big ponds and a huge road!

The Little Heron Deck located beside the Visitor Centre, serves as a lookout point over the sea and bird watching, but we didn't take that route, because I got attracted by the Junior Adventure Trail!

The Junior Adventure Trail includes prop roots and platforms just above the mud to experience how a crab or mudskipper living among the mangroves!

I tried hopping around the Step and Jump! Easy and fun!

Also did some stunts since I am an adult!

We didn't miss out the Pulley Boat! I first thought the boat would roll by itself once we got onto it! But of course not, haha, pull the rope to get moving back and forth!

The expected rain came and it's pouring cats and dogs! We rushed to the Mangrove Gallery to take shelter, while waiting for the rain to stop, we learned some facts about the mangroves of Singapore!

When the rain almost stopped, we continued our trip by walking on the Costal Trail! Had a serenity moment while looking out to the sea, for both of us!

Found the first Pod! It's Fantail Pod! I was excited to see the bird nest structure, it's actually one of the bird watching spots!

When we were walking half way up to the Fantail Pod, a very loud clap of thunder roared into our ears, followed by a lightning strike!!! We were quite afraid, so we rushed down and made sure there's no more thunder or lightning before walking up again. But the open roof top structure was still scary...

We walked past the Mid-canopy Walk, where visitors can immerse themselves in a forest through an elevated, 120m - long boardwalk, to spot birds and insects! But we decided to follow the red line route, so we didn't walk that route. Always have a map to know where you are heading to.

We walked to the Eagle Point boardwalk along our way. It's quite a pretty scenic view!

Spotted some birds! Finally...

To be continued...

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