Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Singapore Zoo and River Safari 2015

We went to the Singapore Zoo on my birthday and I got free entry tickets for both the Zoo and the River Safari!!

I also got a badge to wear and got 10% off for purchasing food or souvenirs! Plus, I was greeted "Happy Birthday" by every friendly zoo keeper who saw me! It's pretty amazing!

Saw a fluffy White-Faced Saki monkey when walking on the bridge of Treetops Trail!! It's their feeding time!! Below the bridge is the crocodile's territory!!

Walked passed the Otter Cove!! Watching them lazing around, scrubbing their back!! Also visited Tapir, an interesting animal that look like a pig, an elephant and a panda!! I adore them!

Spotted a huge Cannonball tree!! The flowers are so pretty!!

Visited the White tiger!!

Visited the Pygmy Hippo and spotted a baby hippo next to her mama!! First time we've seen the red river hogs too!! Quite pretty, eh?

At the Australian Outback, watching kangaroos and koalas!

Watching the Splash Safari show!

Next was the Elephants at Work and Play show!

At the Primate Kingdom, each primate species has its own island, with a landscaping of trees that might as well be castles from where these tree-dwellers rule.

Got a free ice-cream treat because it's my birthday! I like berry-yoghurt!!

Went to feed the goats and see the ponies!

We walked through the Fragile Forest and spotted a group of lemurs cuddling together, super cute!

Walking along the Tropical Crops!!

At the Wild Africa area, spotted giraffes, rhinoceros, pumas and meerkats!

Also spotted cheetahs and zebras!!

Chilled out at the Frozen Tundra, watching Inuka, the polar bear! Also watching a wolverine sleeping!

Walking to the River Safari just next to the Zoo! Oh, guess how I learned to climb trees like Koalas?

Walked through the Exhibits at River Safari!

Hopped onto the River Cruise!

Visited the two adorable pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia!

Not forgetting to say "Hi" to the Red Panda too!

We were rushing for time, so we didn't have much photos of the River Safari! If you're interested to see more pictures of River Safari, please click Here and Here!
Those posts are my previous trips to the River Safari!! Enjoys!


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