Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Singapore Art Museum

I went to the Singapore Art Museum after visiting the National Art Museum of Singapore the previous day. I guess I was in the mood of visiting museums these days!

On the way to the museum, Lg saw these bamboo trees and asked me to munch on some bamboo leaves as snacks! No, I didn't taste it! XD

The outlook of the museum! Can you spot the panda poster? I was excited to visit "An Unbroken Line: The Wu Guanzhong Donation collection" exhibition but I don't have any photos of this exhibition.

Because photography was not allowed in ALL the galleries in this museum!
Security guards were everywhere. I saw some people still sneaking their camera out to capture some photos, but got warns from the guards. I didn't do that.
Although I felt a little disappointed but I still respect that rule!

Since I don't have any photos inside the galleries. Most of the photos in this post are photos of myself! It's a Bear Bear's exhibition! My rule is simple "Please do not touch!".

I still had lots of fun touring the museum!

Guess what I wrote on that board? My Bear Bear signature!

By the way, I'm going to visit another exhibition next weekend, it's all about Da Vinci! I hope photography is allowed this time!

Bye for now!


Jerine said...

Hey...the Da Vincci exhibition was here in Tasmania two months ago. I guess they are moving up north!

eMz said...

we don't need to see the exhibit, your pictures are artsy enough! hehehe

Bear Bear said...

Jerine: So you know about the exhibition before me!!! I'm excited to visit it this weekend.

eMz: Awww, you're so sweet babe! ^^

YT said...

Wow, seems like many bloggers are really quite artsy huh? Oh, I am a pig, I don't do arts :(

Eunice said...

Is it coming to Malaysia? Seems interesting.

Jocelyn said...

wow.. i don't rem when is the last time i stepped into the museum already. >.<