Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Christian Lacroix the costumier

I went to the National Museum of Singapore to visit the Christian Lacroix the costumier exhibition.

The experience was great! For the very first time, I could see lots of the fancy costumes up close in person.

"In Asia for the very first time, close to 80 spectacular costumes and 60 sketches from the collection of the Centre National du Costume de Scene (National Stage Costume Centre, Moulins, France) and from Lacroix's personal collection..."

Most of the time, you are not allowed to take photos inside the galleries but sometimes you are allowed to take photos without flash. I respect that rule, it encourages people to visit the museum and see the exhibitions personally.

This pretty "Love Tank (The Temple)" by S.Teddy Darmawan was displayed at the entrance of the museum.

I like the idea of this artist. " This work expresses the encounter between East and West through the visual language of seven tanks stacked on top of one another into the form of a pagoda. The tanks are decorated with lotuses and hearts as a camouflage: the killing machine is now a machine bringing love and peace to humankind in this world..."

Admiring the costume collection.

I felt like I was at the opera theater.

The gallery was decorated with lovely chairs and chandeliers in the dark and quiet atmosphere! Perfect for your mind to float with inspirations.

You could even touch the fabrics used in making the costumes! You cannot touch the actual costume though!

Sharing with you photos of all the fantastic sketches!

It was a pleasant surprise for me that I was allowed to take photographs in all the galleries in National Museum of Singapore this time. Here are some photos of me exploring the museum.

I posted about my trip to this museum before in 2006. Check it out here.

Visiting museums always give me lots of inspirations. This time the experience even recalled my childhood dream to become a fashion designer, that I thought I have given up for many years ago.

I've started working on my sketches again. I will show you when I'm done!

I want to make my childhood dream come true!
p/s: Suddenly I remembered this saying "If you keep your destiny in mind, every moment in life becomes an opportunity for moving closer to it". I gotta keep that in my mind all the time now!


Jerine said...

Guess what? I went to Auckland museum just for you!

Bear Bear said...

Really? Did you take any photos inside the museum?

Eunice said...

I think you have the talent :D Share your sketches!

Heloisa Galvão said...

I lived in Brazil and just today I went to see Christain Lacroix exhibition. I love it !!!!
What drawer he is!
So I was taking your photos here to see it again.