Friday, January 29, 2010

Taiwan trip Dec - Jan2010 Part II

My pretty rings I bought at Shih Lin night market in Taiwan! I love to shop there, you can always find unique stuff at cheap prices! I bought these at about $15 each! I wore them too often that they looked so worn out now!
My girlie stuff that I bought in Taiwan! I didn't even unpack them 'til now! I bought lots of clothes too, but they are still inside my luggage.
Super tiny flowers that I spotted on the way to The Quest for Immortality exhibition in Singapore! I like to visit museums when there are exhibitions! I really do!

By the way, I like my new Sony camera more now, I finally know how to adjust its functions and and its performance is simply magical! Its sweep panorama function is fascinating! On my recent trip to the museum, it captured all the pictures under low light pretty well and I had a few friendly strangers who complimented on my camera performance. Those pictures above were taken with my new camera and I love it!

Thinking about going to Japan in Autumn or Winter is not bad at all! Although I haven't had a chance to see cherry blossom there, but I can have maple leaves or even snow instead!!!

Boom boom pow!
Lately I like purple more than other colors!

My grand niece! Oops! I am already a granny! See how my face deceive my age? Hahahah!

Anyway, this 14-months old cutie is super mischievous and sassy, seems like me! She's not yet able to walk but once she hopped onto her car, she could drive it super fast like a bullet train! I adore her as much as my 9-months old niece that I'm going to meet soon.

Like a rose - Dark Chocolate with Strawberry Cream Cake for Lg's birthday! The best cake I've tasted so far!

I love going to afternoon tea with my sisters!!!

We went to the Taiwan Botanical Park to see wilted lotus, ^^ heeee because it's not the lotus season!

I love these big BBQ squids! ^~^

Queued up for these Taiwanese sausages! Super big and yummy!

I have a habit of walking into any pet shops that I saw! During my Taiwan trip, we walked into this pet shop in Shih Lin Night Market and saw lots of kitten! I like cats as well as dogs or even hamsters, rabbits...have to admit I'm quite a junkie person about pets! But one sad thing is that my Lg is allergic with cats!!! Why oh why???

That time, my desire to get a cat was super strong when I saw Maine Coon kittens, I like their fluffy face, fluffy tail, long whiskers...And especially I love one of them, the one that noticed me and played with my fingers! She's a female with a super cute face, her coat looked almost the same with the one in this picture, but cuter! I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the shop! It's even cheaper than in Singapore to own such a cutie like that! But still the allergy problem!!! Why oh why???

We stumbled upon this super rare snow globe displayed at a jewelry shop! I love it to the max! It was love at first sight. I especially love Merry-Go-Rounds and Snow Globes!

Various Christmas trees in Taiwan! Tiffany, Hermes, Swarovski...

A pretty green house!


What is this? This is a Dan Shui local specialty called Ah Gei, crystal noodles stuffed in fried bean curd, served with a mild hot sauce! I quite like it! A recommended must-try dish if you go to Dan Shui old street! It's better to order take-away, as their shops are always too cramp to eat there!

I miss my stay in Taiwan, miss going to the spa early in the morning too! Nothing is more relaxing than going to steaming hot spa in winter!

Yay! I'm going back to Vietnam for Lunar New Year soon! \(^0^)/


Jerine said...

finally u show Lg's face.

Bear Bear said...

He is a private person! He even told me to take his picture out of my blog!!!

YT said...

Going to Taiwan soon... cannot wait cannot wait!

eMz said...

all these photos make me wanna go too! XD

Anonymous said...

ur Boom Boom Pow outfit is like 2PM again and again style

YANZ said...

wowww... i love your outfit, in the last pic... SO NICEEEE! =D

technomedico@DiGi-PASSION said...

hi buddy
long time!!! where are you now?
In the mean time I have got a personal domain name for my blog DiGi-PASSION ( please update my blog details as follows
and also please show up and update your details.....thanks

YANZ said...

oh ya, would also like to say: either ur camera is very good or you're a very very good photographer, ur pics turned out very nicely, esp. the first pic of ur jewelry, i like! =D

may i ask, how did u add the nice nice border/frames to your pics?

Bear Bear said...

Hi Yanz, I used Photoscape to create that frame. It's a free photo editing software.

You can also check out Piknic photo editor.

Xjion89 said...

heyya,bear bear, long time no visit~~~hw r u ooo?

Anonymous said...

Long time never see your web updated.

When will i ever see again!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bear Bear,

When you going to update your post . It's been a long time no news from you.....


suki pooki said...

Hey bear bear! I just stumbled upon your blog and i love reading abo0ut your travels, now it makes me want to go taiwan so bad!

Hope you update soon!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Pandabonium said...

So long, Bear Bear. It was nice reading your blog while it lasted. I hope you and Xiao Bai are well and happy.

All the best, Panda B and Momo.

Mango said...

Hello (:

I was searching for botanic garden, and came across your blog. I love your blog! And you're so cute & pretty. I will come back again! <3

Adam Jansson said...

I know it's old now but just in case:

I have recently bought one of these and I must say they are so awesome and I wanted to help you in case you haven't found one and you're still interested :)
Best regards /Adam