Saturday, January 16, 2010

Taiwan trip Dec-Jan2010 Part I

I came back from Taiwan for quite a while but I was too lazy to update my blog. I don't have much photos this time anyway as my camera went dead after a week in Taiwan. I dropped it several times before and after that all the pictures taken became blurry!

We sent it to the Sony service center and they quoted me $400+ to change the lens! That's ridiculously expensive! So I bought a brand new camera, the latest Sony DSC-TX1! I really like its new features, especially Sweep Panorama and low-light performance.

These images were taken without flash and in low-light conditions, the quality is satisfying but somehow the images are still soft and lack sharpness...This is what you would expect in a compact camera. I was very tempted and considered buying a DSLR, but I really hate carrying heavy and bulky stuff!

Without a camera, I still had a good time in Taiwan. It's great to see our sisters and their families again!

I really like to go for afternoon tea with Da Jie, I also like the trip to the Golden Egg mountain with Er Jie's family. Even though Allen was so busy with his work schedule, he still managed to bring us there.

I enjoyed strolling along the Dan Shui old street with San Jie's family, eating at an old seafood restaurant that recalled David's memory of their dating days. Their dishes were delicious!

At Golden Egg farm.

Making salted eggs and drawing our own eggshell paintings. Guess which one is mine?

Strolling and eating at Dan Shui old street.

That's all for now! I'm actually quite moody these few days, because my Japan trip has to be postponed until Autumn or Winter 2010 due to Lg's work schedule! Ahhhhhh!!!!

Off to bed now! Sleepy!


AB MaMa said...

Oh! Too late to tell you..

Canon PowerShot S90 is awesome..

The pictures turned out very sharp just like DSLR..most importantly it is not heavy and bulky at all

Have chance you should go and try it then you will know what i mean...

I just bought mine last month before went for my Aussie trip..:)Luv it!!

Bear Bear said...

I've hopped over to your blog just now, your photos are really awesome, just like DSLR!

My 2 previous cameras are Sony, so I bought the same brand, so that I can reuse their batteries on the new camera!

-JoJo- said...

Cheer up! Like ur little bear towel back there, hanging happily.

AB MaMa said...

The Canon powershot S90 have the low-light performance. So the pics i took didnt use flash at all.

My previous camera are Sony too. But due to the battery cannot last long so decided to buy new camera instead of buy the new battery :P

Jerine said...

I love your camera!!! It's pink!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can try LX-3.

Jocelyn said...

Everytime i see ur blog.. i always wanna go back to taiwan so much! I MISS TAIWAN ~~~


YT said...

The Taiwan trip sounds fun :)

I am going in June with my bf and buddies... can't wait!

Xjion89 said...

Happy Chinese New Year!
Hv a great rabbit year^^