Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chingay night

It's a fun night watching Chingay parade when they came to our neighborhood! Also it's a memorable night because Xiao Bai was there, accompanied us to watch a live performance for the first time in his life, he was very excited!

Xiao Bai is spoilt by us, he always asked us to carry him using his "pray pray" action, it was hot that day and he is quite heavy, carrying him sweat us out a lot!

Two other dog owners who also brought their dogs there approached us. They were friendly and nice people, so were their dogs! But Xiao Bai was trembling hard and clung onto my arm tightly. That gave us a good laugh. What a timid dog!!!

I truly enjoyed the night and hope they will be here again next time. Xiao Bai felt loved by people around too! When a group of young performers asked to carry him for pictures, he stayed neatly in their arms without a struggle that made everyone adored him even more.

Not something related to this post but this is a song that keep replaying in my head these few days. "Shot In The Dark" by Within Temptation.


Pandabonium said...

Ah, sweet Xiao Bai. Good boy! Momo is very shy too. She barks and runs to us (or her food dish) whenever a dog is walking by on the street.

Nice pictures.

Bear Bear said...

Hahaha, really shy Momo but sassy too! Xiao Bai is shy and always want to hide!