Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Cut bangs in DIY style

Finally I remembered to take pictures of my DIY haircut. I've been cutting my bangs for years, after many trials and errors, I've learned to cut my bangs effortlessly and perfectly just the way I wanted. I like my bangs to be "flexible", I mean I like it to be straight, yet can be swept to the side at the same time.

Here's how I did it:

1. Tie a ponytail and comb your fringe down.

2. Divide your fringe in a V shape pattern by clipping the amount of hair that you want to keep at both sides of your head.

3. Cut the hair in the V shape that you've just created, remember to hold your scissors in a slanted angle or 45 degrees as shown in the 3rd picture.

4. Don't cut the layers too short at one time , you should always check and adjust the length of your bangs before the second attempt.

5. When you're done, let your ponytail down and sweep your bangs to the side, see if the bangs are in your desired shape and length.

6. I usually trim my bangs about the same level of my eyes or sometimes slightly above my eyes, but never above my eyebrows!

Have fun snipping!!!


Greencheese said...

I like your hair! It looks like something in an anime/manga :D

Bear Bear said...

lol ^=^

Ollie said...

Your hair looks good! I'm so tempted to cut my fringe too, but scared it might not look right! Have hold the scissors, looked at my long fringe (i.e. non existent haha) and decided to hold on a bit... Not courageous enough. Yours looks good!

Anonymous said...

ur hair looks really cute and stylish, i tried to make the v tht looks on pic 2 but i keep making it round. how did u do it? super cute.

Bear Bear said...

Comb your fringe to both sides of your head and clip them in a V shape pattern.