Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make me laugh

One of many things I love about Lg is that he's a very humorous person. He could easily crack a joke and never fail to make me laugh.

The most recent joke was about the Subaru Challenge 2012. (The challenge is about testing one's endurance to the limit, by putting your palm on a car and standing there for as long as you can, you only have 4 periods of 5 minutes rest per day. The last one standing will be the winner.)

While watching the news, he turned to me and said: "Bear Bear, I think next time I should participate in this competition, to win a car and money!!!"

I excitedly asked: "Really? You can do it?"

He raised his chin up and gave me a confirm look: "I will win for sure! I have a way to make other contestants give up!!!"

I knew that's a joke but I wanted to hear it so I asked: "How? Tell me!!"

He replied: "I will eat lots of garlic, onion, chives, petai, durian, papaya and drink lots of carbonated drinks to make the ultimate stinky gas so everyone can't hold their breath that they have to give up or even faint!!!"

"Gross joke!!!" I screamed at him while laughing!

"No, no it's not a joke, listen...It may work!!!" He laughed away!!!

"It won't, because you'll be the first one to faint since you're in the center of your own stink bomb!!!" Am I right???

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