Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Make it happen

I found a note that I wrote in the beginning of 2013. "Declutter my crowded mind. Read more. Live simply. Spend wisely. Save for the rainy day. Be tougher. Be kind and see the best in others. Help others. Always give people chance. Follow my dream."

I'm following my dream... How did it go so far? Did I stay focused? Did I rush myself too much and feel pressured by it? Should I chase it?

Yes, I should, because I'm fortunate that I am not disabled nor I am sick, thus I must try harder!

No excuses! Do it to the utmost strength. Make it happen! Do not procrastinate! Find more motivation and be inspired! Don't ever sit back and wait for good things to happen!!! Do it for myself! Be determined!

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