Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Singapore Quarry

We walked to the Singapore Quarry, another section of the Dairy Farm Nature Park that we wanted to complete after the Wallace Trail.

On the MRT to Choa Chu Kang station, after that we took the LRT to Bukit Panjang station, followed by a bus to our destination.

Saw the rail track through the LRT window, fascinating!

A little distraction ... Look at my natural stone bracelets, cute!!!

We started our trail from the carpark. At first I thought it was a deserted place as I saw no one but only us on the trail, then we saw some bikers zoomed past and I reassured myself about our safety!

We reached the Dairy Farm Adventure Centre, there were houses around and lots more people walking towards Singapore Quarry! Oh, and lots of monkeys around too!

We spotted durian trees along the track and huge ants! We also came across some people strolling with dogs. When I smiled at a stranger and if they smiled back, it made me happy for the moment!

Continued walking on the big road, I was carrying a cooler bag and chilling with a pack of Ribena!

Ohhh, there! The moment I saw the Singapore Quarry welcome sign, I felt good as we managed to complete another trail! This place is described as a little Gui Lin! It's quite a pretty sight! There is a viewing deck with a sheltered area. We rested there, waiting for the sun to set.

On the way back, we took our time walking, rather than hurrying back. I enjoyed all the moments that I shared with my loved one, even just a simple trip! 

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