Sunday, May 05, 2013

Wallace Trail

We went to a natural trail called Wallace Trail at Dairy Farm Nature Park.

We started our journey quite late in the afternoon. We reached the destination by bus and followed the signs to the cute wooden staircase leading to the Dairy Farm Nature Walk! The texts on the staircase caught my attention.

The Dairy Farm Nature Park has two sections, we chose the trail leading to the Wallace Education Centre as it's shorter compared to the Singapore Quarry trail, which is also a wetland habitat.

Off the main road, we ventured into the forest trail, we walked through a dense forest with uneven ground and gentle slopes, the forest trail was a little slippery because of the rainy weather lately! There also have a trail for mountain biking. We saw lots of people hiking and biking that day.

I love how nature parks in Singapore are very well maintained. Clean and green! A reminder for myself and all the nature loving people, remember to take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.

And remember to equip yourself with protection against mosquitoes, make sure to spray or wipe yourself thoroughly with insect repellent before you go on a nature walk, reapply when needed! Also bring ointment in case you get bitten by some "anosmia" mosquitoes!

Lg says I am his Kai Xin Guo 開心果, it means Happy Fruit. I am! Most of the time! I hardly feel down for long, even if I do, little things can easily lift my mood!

We came across a little meandering stream on our track! I was reluctant to climb down, because the slope was really steep! I kept asking Lg if we should cross this but he insisted that we should continue foward!

We stepped from one rock to another to cross the channel then climb up the muddy slope to reach to the other side! The slope was slippery! I had to grab onto some plants in order not to fall backward!

Lg thought it was fun and he said it was a surprise challenge. We happily continued our journey, soon after we reached a temporary closed road, due to soil erosion. We coudn't walk further and had to turn back instead, crossing the stream, again! Hah!

We continued our journey on the main road, walking towards Wallace Education Centre. The centre was a former milking shed that has been restored and transformed into an information centre. We also came across an old-fashioned English garden with an abandoned house. The house is believed to have been built in 1920s.

We noticed this huge rock with a smiling face! Strange and interesting how it was covered by the furry orange moss! From far we noticed a tree without leaves but a bundle of twigs resting on top and there were flowers on those twigs. Such a beautiful display!

I initially walked closer to the tree, only to be frightened by Lg's shouting: "Stop!" I stunned. He pointed to the "X" shaped spider web: "It's a No Entry sign." I stared at it and was astonished: "Amazing! It must be Charlotte's web, it's a literate spider!" Lg laughed out loud: "Are you talking about the Wilbur movie? It's not the same." I continued to be fazed. "How come the spider know how to write? Where is the spider hiding?" Lg then pointed me to the spider. Gosh, it's a huge spider!

Actually it's a Argiope spider, the only spider that makes a zigzag line or a cross of zigzag white web material in its web. These spiders are not venomous at all. It's a moment of wonder for us to discover their web even with a little spookiness when spotting them real close. It was a fun day!

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