Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stuffed bitter gourd soup

I love to eat bitter gourd, besides the delicious bitter sweet taste, this fruit also has numerous health benefits! I share one of my easy way to cook bitter gourd! It's stuffed bitter gourd in clear soup!


+bitter gourds
+minced meat (any type of meat), wood ears (optional), egg and tofu (optional).

 Note: You can just use any type of minced meat to stuff inside the bitter gourds, I love to mix random ingredients besides minced meat, so sometimes I stuff meat and mushrooms, sometimes meat and carrots, sometimes just meat and pepper! Well, depends on your own taste buds!!


+Wash and cut bitter gourd into half, remove core.
+Cut wood ears into small pieces, combine with minced meat, tofu and egg in a bowl, add seasoning and toss all together.
+Stuff the bitter gourd with the mixture above.

+Bring water to a boil. Add the stuffed bitter gourd. Boil the soup over high heat for 10 minutes then turn the cooking mode to slow cook. Cook to the softness that you like! Add seasoning to taste! Enjoy!

 Note: Shape the left over mixture into meat balls or beat another egg to the bowl and steam.


Jay Lee said...

looks so bitter yet so tasty ^^

Anonymous said...

oh you are so cute :) greetings from Finland