Monday, May 05, 2014

SBG Heritage Museum and Healing Garden

We went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens lately, to visit the SBG Heritage Museum and also to revisit the Healing Garden.

At the fish pond near the entrance.

We walked past this area and I got curious about these tiny flowers with fragrance! We saw lots of squirrels jumping around eating the plant's seeds!

Some pretty views along our way to the museum.

Walked past the Food For Thought eatery!

There's a playground nearby!

Reached Heritage Museum. It's air-conditioned, very cooling!

The museum has two levels, displaying botanical exhibits.

We also visited the CDL Green Gallery, located just opposite of the museum.

I was quite excited with the green decor inside.

Informative and fun!

Continued our walk to the Healing Garden.

Walked pass the Swan Lake.

Appreciate nature and feel blissful!

Found a huge mango tree!!! We noticed many young fruits fell to the ground! I picked up a few and had a closer look!!! I love how cute and miniature they were!

Walked through the Ginger Garden.

Pretty plants!

Inside the mini waterfall!

Walked past the King's Mantle trellis!

Finally reached the Healing Garden.

We walked along the road and took photos of the garden.


We ended the day with our happy mood!

'Til the next time!


Bambi Kṛṣṇā Dāsī said...

Oh, wow! So beautiful. I wish I had a garden like that (not as big though, oh dear... Or maybe, hehe).

Cute photos! Singapore sounds like a refreshing place!

Anonymous said...