Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gardens by the Bay 2014

Although we had been to Gardens by the Bay many times before, but we didn't have time to walk the outdoor gardens area! So we especially made a trip there for our weekend walk!

Walking is exercising, we really enjoy walking! We plan to walk at a new destination every weekend! It's pretty exciting for us!

I've never missed a chance to look closely at flowers, it's just my habit! I like to examine everything close-up!

When I like a place, I become hyper active! Jumping, running and showing my happiness spontaneously!

Spotted a Big Fish Aquarium!

Beautiful gardens made my heart pounding!

Only if the weather was cooler! But what I am talking? It's Singapore, humid and hot! I just have to adjust my dress code and my hairstyle!

On the way, we spotted this beautiful air-conditioned souvenir shop that sells plants and decorations!

After resting for a while, we continued walking on our route and tried to cover the rest of the gardens.

At the Secret Life of Trees. Each area we walked through, we learned interesting facts!

Finally reached the ticketing area for the two Domes. But we are not entering the Domes that day.

My favourite garden must be the Chinese Garden!

The bonsai garden is so beautiful... Couldn't stop my happy feet...

Adrenaline was high, I kept jumping left and right, I fully realize I need rehab!!!

Walking towards the Colonial Garden!

Spotted the Giant Baby, looked as if floating in the air!

How to know if someone is happy? They are levitating!

Reached the Supertree Grove!

End of our mission with a delicious meal at Satay By The Bay! Good day!

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