Friday, October 31, 2014

I'll never forget

These are sweet things you do that I'll never forget.

1.You appreciate little things I do and put me first in every decision.

2. You hug me tight when we sleep, even in your deep sleep, you still unconciously hold me close! You kiss me before you go to work and when you get home!

3. You open the door for me.

4. When we go shopping, you shop with me and carry all the bags, yet you still try to hold my hand.

5. You have the warmest hugs that always lift me off the ground.

6. You are sympathetic whenever I'm sick, you take care of me and make sure I'll recover fast.

7. You help me do all the household chores when you're at home. You don't mind to walk a distance to the food centre near to our house to buy food that I crave for at the moment!

8. When we quarrel, after a while, you always hug me and apologise first. Although sometimes it's not your fault, but you put me above your pride!

9. You always make me laugh with your humour, you're smart but you act silly to cheer me up.

10. You're anxious when you know that I'm feeling down. No matter where you are, you'll be back by my side. So that's why I learned to control my emotions.

11. Your arms are my pillow and your shoulders are the best place to rest my head.

12. You know exactly where I keep my things and able to find them for me.

13. You like to snatch my remote control but end up watching my favourite shows all the time.

14. You are spontaneous and a fun loving person! You like to give me unexpected gifts and often plan surprises for me, you are the reason I am so spoilt!

15. When my feet feel cold, I like to press it on your thighs, even if you shiver, you still never push my feet away.

16. You carry me on your back when I frown and point at the blister on my feet.

17. You cover me when the sudden rain comes, hurry me to run to the nearest shelter then wipe the droplets off my face and arms, "so you won't get sick".

18. You like to tease me and you're extremely patient when dealing with my unreasonable behaviour. You are the most forgiving person I've ever known!

19. You're working hard and very prudent on yourself, yet you're willing to buy anything for me as long as you can afford.

20. You know all about me and love me for who I am! I'm grateful to have you in my life! I love you very much!

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