Monday, November 03, 2008

Asian Civilisations Museum

The Asian Civilisations Museum is such a great place to visit. There are so many things to learn about other cultures and there are so many galleries for you to explore. I took lots of photos of the exhibitions in the museum, but I mostly show photos of me having fun there in my blog. The good thing that I like so much about this museum is you can take photos inside this museum but without flash.

The front view of the Asian Civilisations Museum.

The first thing that I saw when I stepped inside the museum. This is the Bronze Drum.

When you press the buttons, you can listen to different sounds.

The grand staircase.

The first gallery, Singapore River Gallery.

Do you want to know how Singapore was named? You can read all about Singapore here. There are lots of illustration books around the galleries.

These mini boats are really cute!

This one is cute too!

Continue to the next gallery, Southeast Asia.

This is the Pejeng-style Bronze Drum, from East Java, Indonesia. It is one of the two main styles of early bronze drums found in Southeast Asia.

Notice the motif on the drum face.

Entering the sacred place. Hold your breath!

A large figure of the Buddha's head looking down at me. I'm protected!

Sandstone figure of Buddha protected by Naga Muchalinda, from Cambodia.

Bronze Buddhapada, from Thailand. This is a stylised image of Buddha's footprint.

A sign of gratitude. I'm grateful for the peaceful life I have right now.

Multi-armed Quan Am, from Vietnam.

Carved human skull, from Malaysia.

Stone osa osa, Nias Island, Indonesia.

A very interesting way of displaying these beautiful gold pieces. There is a little box beside the display and when you press the button, a figure appears.

Like this. There are fews of these displays around.

Inside the China Gallery. Let me play some tunes! Hahaha...Kidding!

Interview with emperors. When you put on the ear phone, you can listen to them talking and telling you how did they become an emperor!

Can you spot me? It looked as if I'm a part of the painting, right?

Enjoyed reading and learning.

Ready for the Chinese opera show.

Inside the Special Exhibitions Gallery.

You can sit on this chair and try on all the hats. How do I look? XD

Inside the West Asia / Islamic Gallery. Learning how to write "Hello" in Arabic.

Making my own pottery pattern to bring home.

More things to play with.

I am a Torajan warrior. Hee...But the hat is too heavy for me!

I know how to wear a Torajan tube skirt too.

Inside the Indian gallery. I know the Indian Dance too! hahaha.

Schist Nataraja-Dancing Shiva, from Karnataka, India.

Sandstone Yogini, from India.

Stone relief with scenes from the life of Buddha, India.

Schist Syamatara, Eastern India.

Teak Chettinad door, Tamil Nadu. This is the door of a room in a typical Chettiar house.

It has beautiful patterns carved on it.

The angel on the ceiling.

I was having so much fun! 'Til the next time.


Sumuk said...

Those are rather impressive.. and i think you are very photogenic ;)

jerine said...

where is this museum? Hahaha... you look really grand on the grand staircase... just need to change your clothes to those Victorian style sure very nice...

Bear Bear said...

To Sumuk:

Thanks for your sweet words! ^^


To Jerine:

The museum is just opposite of the bridge near to the Fullerton hotel.

By the way from 23 October 2008 to 1 February 2009, visit "Neither East Nor West: Asians in Monochrome" and you will stand a chance to win a glamourous photo shoot and a makeover package, then maybe you will have a chance to wear those Victorian style dresses.
But it sounds hard to win.

jerine said...

you should try it...someone has to get that price and it could be you. i won't be back yet around that time. as usual i'm missing all the good stuff

Anonymous said...

I'm a Torajan, and that is pretty impressive . :)