Monday, November 24, 2008

Genting trip

It was raining throughout the few days I was in Genting. The weather disappointed me! But I was still having fun playing almost all the indoor theme park games and rides. In this trip, my luck was so good that I didn't want to go back to the hotel at all but I spent most of my time in the casino. I didn't sleep for 48 hours until I came back to Singapore.

Here are some photos of my Genting trip.

I was staying at the Resort Hotel.

At the lobby.

Inside the hotel room.

On the way to the casino.

Inside the First World Indoor Theme Park.

Ferris Wheel.

Floating dragon boat.

Another boat.

Eating at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Genting Outdoor Theme Park.

Gloomy clouds.

The Spinner.


Queuing up for the ride.

Space Shot is my favorite.

Shooting up to the top.

The rain started to pour heavily with thunder storm after this ride, so I didn't manage to take the rest of the rides at all! Because they were suspended.

Hiding from the rain inside the Chocolate house.

Hoping the rain would stop.

But it didn't.

So I definitely will come back to Genting soon, but not in this rainy season. Maybe in summer!


Sumuk said...

oh dear!
the best time to go to genting is around march-sept.. i brought my mom there one time on mid feb, and she was soaked in rain.. poor her.. that was my biggest leason ever..

jerine said...

you're back!!!!!!! i love your emoticons on your blog especially the teru teru botsu! the chocolate house looks fun! by the way, if you didn't sleep for 48 hours, why did you book a room? can save money right?

Bear Bear said...

Sumuk: I've learnt my lesson too! ^^

Jerine: Ya lor! Waste money hor! They should refund me for one night. =D

jerine said...

because i really enjoy your blog, that's why i mentioned it :)

no wonder the genting boss is so rich. because of you people never sleep there but still buy the room. you should have gone to the casino get win back you money. did you?

Bear Bear said...

48 hours of staying inside the casino helped me to win more than what I've spent for the trip. =D That's why I didn't want to go back to the hotel room mah, want to win more, hahahah!

eMz said...

i really love your dress sense! XD

Pandabonium said...

I like that dragon boat. "Puff the magic dragon..." . At the Maui fair in Hawaii, my favorite ride was one like the "Spinner". It rises up and then tilts. Sitting in a small seat and swinging high up in the air and then down to within 2 meters of the ground was wonderful - like flying.

Sorry about the weather, but it looks likes you had fun anyway.

-JoJo- said...

Hmmmm.... May i ask who's the photographer? XD

Bear Bear said...

eMz: aww...really? Thanks babe!

Pandabonium: I like Spinner too!

Jojo: A mysterious guy that doesn't want to appear on my blog! XD

-JoJo- said...

Aduh, kenot like this ma, u should share the guy who took lots of pics for you XD

Anne Tan said...

Hi! I'm a Malaysian. Glad that you enjoy your Genting trip :) Besides, u may consider going to Cameron Highlands too. It's a great place where you can enjoy beautiful scenery & fresh cool air.

Anne Tan

Jocelyn said...

wow ~ ur trip seems fun !

anyway, i've nominated u with an award. kindly go to my blog for more details. Keep coming up with great blog entries. :)

jerine said...

i also nominated you :)