Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is Singapore’s first reservoir in the city. It started opening to the public recently.

The first thing I saw when I reached the barrage.

Walking on the Marina Bridge, left my footprint here lol!

The water is so clear! This place reminds me of the romantic Dan Shui harbor in Taiwan.

Can you spot the Singapore Flyer behind me? The round wheel?

Exploring the galleries.

In gallery 1.

"Central to this gallery is the "organic tree". Illuminated by a play of three colours, it symbolises the uncertain state of our present environment..."

In gallery 2. "Rewinding back a few decades, Gallery 2 recounts the clean-up of the Singapore and Kallang River..."

Gallery 3. "...features the Active, Beautiful, Clean Water Programme, launched by PUB in 2007..."

See the programme in action.

Gallery 4. See how the Marina Barrage works with the demonstration of the innovative barrage model.

Gallery 5. The view of the water catchment area for the reservoir.

In gallery 6. This gallery was really dark with lots of tiny little lights on the wall, as if I was in the starry night.

Grabbed a Passion Kiwi smoothie and a snack after exiting from the galleries.

On the way to the roof top.

Walking towards the roof top.

Water playground view from the roof top.

There are such a big grass field in the middle of the rooftop, lots of people having a picnic and flying kites there. Awww, I'd like to fly a kite too!

There was a siren and an announcement telling everyone that they are going to show how the barrage works. So everyone gathered to see it. This picture showed that the barrage gates have opened and the water was gushing out into the sea.

I couldn't catch the sunset view that day, as the sky was getting gloomy as it was going to rain.


Martin Miller-Yianni said...

I'm so sorry but you are such a doll and the scenery a peach. wish you well in your surround and blog.

technomedic said...

Wow, wonderful pics, how lucky you are to visit such places, I wish I cud have been there with you.....any way thanks for visiting ....c u

jerine said...

Actually I totally agree with martin miller-yianni. you really look like a doll sometimes. i remember long long time ago... when my grandma was still 17, she went to the reservoir. it was closed to the public after one case where someone put poison into the water. but i didn't know they reopen it

Marina said...

This is really beautiful :) .

Jocelyn said...

hey girl, thanks for linking me up. but cos i dun find any cbox in ur blog so i have to leave a comment here. I've linked u up to ! :D

kennhyn said...

your blog name is quite similar to ours, but bear bear sound cute on a girl....shit is my blog going to sound cute?? hope not...cheers!!!

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Martin Miller-yianni, technomedic and marina for dropping me your comments! ^^


To Jerine: when you're grandma was 17? That's a super long time ago!


To Jocelyn: Thanks Jocelyn! ^^


To Kennhyn: Don't worry, your blog's name won't sound cute! It's Beer is not the same cuteness as Bear! XD

Jocelyn said...

i'm here to visit your blog again ! :D

InternetBizguy said...

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