Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Birdie

We usually like to stroll around our neighborhood in the late afternoons every Sunday. Last Sunday, the weather was so hot that we had to take a different road which has more trees, but this road was really quiet, the two HDB buildings next to each other looked so empty.

"This road is really quiet! These buildings are all empty..." I held Lg's hand and tried to walk faster.

"Someone committed suicide from one of these buildings before! Jumped down from the top floor! Are you scared?" He tried to scare me!

"No... But next time, I don't want to walk this road anymore!"

Suddenly Lg pointed his hand to the bushes nearby: "Look, a little bird is standing there, it's chirping! So loud!"

I became excited and walked closer to the bird, it didn't fly away, and I heard lots more chirping sounds from the bushes. I squatted down and saw more than 3 birds standing near to each other. I reached my hand towards them and one of them jumped onto my arm. Then I managed to grab its tiny legs, but gently enough to make sure I didn't hurt it. I showed Lg the bird and he was so shocked.

LG: " Wow, it's so small and you still can catch it?"

BB: "Uh huh!...Can I bring it home?"

LG: "No, it'll chirp non-stop in the middle of the night and that's very noisy! I will take some photos of you with the birdie though!"

"Little little birdie, why are you so chirpy?"

LG: "Let it go! Enough of birdie for now, I'm hungry!"

BB: "Will these birdies always be here?"

LG: "I think so!"

BB: "I want to walk here again next time!"


Jerine said...

your photo is super kawaii!!!!

-JoJo- said...

"I want to walk here again next time!"

This is funny XD

Bear Bear said...

Jerine: Thanks Jerine! You should try Photoscape!


-Jojo-: What's so funny? Wanna die izzit??? XD

eunice said...

Photoscape is addictive! :p

eMz said...

i like the little stickered photos, so cute! XD

Anonymous said...

Meo oi ! cac cu nha minh dan la " chim sa ,ca nhay " ko duoc mang ve nha dau day . Nho lan sau ghe qua cho do thi chi so sit mot ti thoi nha rui tha no di .. heheheh

-JoJo- said...

OMG. Forgive me my highest Queen~~ I don't wanna die~~~

-JoJo- said...

[Anonymous] I only understand heheheh @@

♥dollies said...

Omg ... why dint the birdie fly away and u dare to hold it!?

So cute can? If me i think the bird fly till nowhere alr.. Hahaa ... Today i was at Tamp 1 again, no que at Uniglo but not my taste though~ Looks too normal for me to wear, i think ? Haa .. but still got alot of pple inside, think the opening special still's on ..