Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo editing software

I made these lovely frames for my photos using Photoscape, a free photo editing software. Thanks YT for mentioning this software on her blog that's why I know about it. Photoscape is really friendly and easy to use.

This photo is so cute, it can be a re-ment card! A big plate of Smoked Salmon Salad made by me. It's very yummy and healthy I tell ya!
"Jerineeee, have some veggie?"

Isn't this lovely? I'm going to print this out and stick it somewhere, maybe on the fridge!

Xiao Bai, with Panda on head!

By the way, have anyone used Picasa 3? I downloaded both software to try out. But after trying out for a while, I didn't like Picasa 3 and wanted to uninstall it, but it just didn't let me! When I clicked on the uninstall button, something popped up and told me the uninstall was denied!

I'm using Window Vista, so everytime I encountered this kind of problem, I tried to use System Restore to fix the problem, but this time, system restore failed too!

That's so frustrating! But I don't know how to fix it after that.

Photoscape is so much better!


YT said...

Oh, don't you just love PhotoScape? It's so easy to use, even someone as un-artsy as me can churn out something simple yet cute with it! Yay!

U made some really nice ones :)

Jerine said...

Yuks! Yuks! Yuks! Veggie sucks!

eMz said...

i use Fotoflexer, but as those photos are so cute i might try Photoscape as well! ^_^

Xjion89 said...

oooo, all those pics are so cute^^

eunice said...

I need to try this out too, so nice :p

Anonymous said...

Mèo iu ^^. nếu mà Mèo in ra được có cả màu thì in cho Quạ với nhé ....hehehehe rùi gửi qua đường bưu điện . Quạ cũng dán vào tủ lạnh :) . thax Mèo nhìu nhìu.!!!

Anonymous said...

À quên , còn cái Salmon salad , trông hấp dẫn làm seo ,sao Mèo ít khi up ảnh món ăn Mèo nấu thế ?. Quạ đợi lần sau đấy nhá..

Pandabonium said...

Panda and Xiao Bai... reminds me of Pandabonium and Momo. :)