Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've been shopping a lot at Daiso lately! They have a variety of products and everything sells at only 2 dollars and everything is so cute!!!

My purchases! You can find all these items at Daiso!!!

One rare item that I can only find at Daiso with such a cheap price is a lace pattern tape, I use this tape to decorate my collectible miniatures boxes. I bought those boxes from Daiso too. Another rare item that I like very much is toe socks! I love their toe socks!!! Very cute, comfortable and cheap! Although Daiso things are cheap, but I trust their quality. Because lots of Daiso's items are made in Japan!
How many different smiles can you pose in less than 1 minutes?
I can pose at least 5! Heee!!!

How many smiles can you pose? Heeee!!! Smile anyway!!!


-JoJo- said...

Hahahaha. 5 types of smile






Happy day.

Jerine said...

Let's go Daiso together when I'm in Singapore!!!!! I want to go to the one at Vivo City. then can go sentosa!!!

Bear Bear said...


Oi! Your 5 smiles look the same! Must be different one mah!

Like this: :) =] ;D :P XD ^^




Awww, I notice you changed your avatar again! This one is super hot! You should upload these photo series in your blog next time!

Jessica said...

Hey, came across your blog and was amazed by how nice it is. You look really cute in the photos! :)

eunice said...

I shopped at Daiso in Tokyo too. It's only 100 Yen for each item! :D Very cute smile you have ;)

eMz said...

oh i absolutely love those photos! i can't do posing like that in any train out here because there are loads of people in them. pfttt.

oh and i think Daiso is heavenly. hehe!

Alex said...

I googled anime babes and landed on your blog. You know what? you are super cute! I like your smiles, really like some anime characters!


Pandabonium said...

We have two Daiso stores in Kashima, an old one and a new one. Oddly, they have different items. I like going to them from time to time. Fun.

I can make lots of smiles in 5 minutes. I'm just not cute like you!

-JoJo- said...

5 type of smiles






Not the same smile orh. Notice the mouth's width XD

Bear Bear said...

Jessica: Thanks Jessica! I added your blog to my link!


Eunice: And I added your blog too! ^^


eMz: I started my ride from the first station, so the train was almost empty at that time.

Alex: I don't think I look like some anime characters!

Why people always say that to me?

But I guess nothing wrong with that! Right? Right!!! @__@

Thanks anyway! XD


Pandabonium: Awww, Pandas are cute! So Pandabonium is in the cute category too! XD


Jojo: What??? You're copying my smiles!!! XD