Monday, January 16, 2012

Taiwan 2012 part 1

So we traveled to Taiwan again! Almost every year and I still love to go back there anytime. My love for this country is not only for their food or their culture, most importantly it's because of the bond with our sisters and their families. Every time I come to Taiwan, it's like coming home! Warm and feeling loved! Memories captured in pictures. So here I let my pictures summarize my trip!
We slept for only 3 hours before we went to Changi airport. Both of us were really tired but excited! I couldn't resist the pretty decorations at the airport so I took some pictures with them.

After we did some shopping at duty-free shops, we checked out the SIA Silver Kris Lounge just before our flight. I became a glutton when I saw a wide range of food there. My Lg kept reminding me not to stuff myself.

Our seats on Business Class this time was totally different from the last time we took. The seat covers are leather and very spacious yet more private, thus more comfortable!

We requested Book the Cook meals and the dishes tasted delicious! Our main dishes were Roast Lamb Chops and U.S. 6 oz. Rib-Eye Steak.

Right after we arrived at Taipei, our first sister and their family picked us up and treated us to the nicest steamboat restaurant in town. I was amazed by how much food I could eat. It's like my stomach has no bottom.

We visited our first sister's house the next day and they brought us to a very expensive restaurant with fabulous food, to celebrate Lg's birthday.

We strolled around Breeze Center for shopping after that and I found many cute and funny stuff at Hands Tailung store.

Went to Hakka Village to settle some personal matter and it turned out to be a very awesome trip for us. We spent the whole day together with all of our sisters.

The first time that I actually shopped and walked along the food street in Hakka Village. I got to know more about Hakka specialties and tasted their awesome traditional dishes.

We visited a temple there and all of us got a chance to pray for our blessings.

Coincidentally my husband and I picked the same inscribed bamboo stick. So we're really fated!
All of us took a ride in second sister's car back to her house.

She brought us to a super pretty cafe. Afternoon tea has became my favourite thing, influenced by our sisters.

Saw the Color Changing Bridge in Xin Dian and I insisted to walk there. It was a peaceful night and romantic somehow!

Will blog again soon next time!


Nelson said...

nice picture indeed! Was searching for picture of Singport Airport 2012 and found your lovely pictures, and coincidentally I'm from Taiwan! Love to see you like my country :D Nelson

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Nelson! Taiwan is my second home! I'm glad you like my pictures! :)