Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taiwan 2012 part 3

We bought tickets to somewhere out of Taipei, we woke up early to catch the bullet train at 7:00 am. The train was very comfortable and I fell asleep for 45 mintures before we reached Tai Chung station.

Took a bus from the train station to Aboriginal Village, slept for another hour again to charge my energy!

I was excited to visit the villages because of the One Piece exhibition there. To my surprise, it was not crowded and I was happy that I could take many pictures with the exhibits without squeezing with the crowd.

I love One Piece's characters as they are very funny!

We played a few games at the outdoor park before leaving for the Aboriginal Village.

While going through some villages, I realized we weren't in the real villages, I stared at my Lg sulking: "You told me we're gonna visit some aboriginal villages but these are not real, where are the villagers?" He answered me: "I don't know, maybe they migrated somewhere else? How about you treat it as visiting some museums?" So there we go, we were visiting Aboriginal museum.

After all, I still like the serenity moments walking with my husband and eventually I still meet one or two "villagers" at souvenir shops or eateries.

All of a sudden, Lg pointed to me:"There, I found the villagers!" I saw a performance that a group of tourists were watching. The performance was heart thumping as I liked the sound of drums.

We headed to the Sun Moon Lake by cable car after walking around the Aboriginal Village. While shopping for confectionery I saw a parrot. I thought it looked alike to the villain, an evil bird named Nigel in the Rio movie. But when I said "Hello" to it, it replied "Hello" in a soft and sweet voice that amazed me!

After our cable car ride, I was upset a little as I couldn't see the beauty of Sun Moon Lake because the weather was gloomy that day. So the best part of our Sun Moon Lake journey was walking on the trails and snacking on street food. We happened to meet a cute doggy that kept following me and the funny thing was I could command it to sit down and when I was about to leave the place, I told him "Do not follow anymore" and he did stop following me.

We took a ferry ride to Tai Chung city, followed by a bus and bullet train back to Taipei!

The next day, we went to the "From Up On Poppy Hill - Original Art" Exhibition at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. The exhibition was a wonderful experience for me as this was the first time I've seen my favourite artist's original artworks. Even though photography was not allowed inside the gallery but only at the poster section.

On the way out, we saw some ducks huddling near a pond! I stood next to them and watched them for a while, they seemed not to mind my presence! Hahaha, yeah, little things always lift my mood.

Walking towards 101 building in a drizzle and tried to capture some images of Taipei. Had a simple meal with Lg there and walked to Shinkong shopping mall after that for some shopping.

The last few days in Taipei we spent more time with our nephews and stayed at home often.

All good things come to an end, on our day of departure, I already missed this home and all of our sisters and their families.

I didn't forget to hug and say goodbye to Jing Jing too.

On our flight back to Singapore, our food on the plane were surperb as always and our flight attendants were very helpful. To make my trip even more perfect, Lg was so sweet that he picked out a pendant from the Kris Shop for me. A little token that made my heart melt!

I was so grateful to have this trip with Lg, there's many incidents that couldn't be captured in pictures but forever remain in my heart as well as moments that were shared with our sisters in laughters and even tears. All the time, I felt loved. I'm so glad that I have a second family that is so dear to me!

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