Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taiwan 2012 part 2

Like a tradition, whenever we come to Taiwan, we like to eat at Ya Rou Bian restaurant in Xi Men Ding and buy braised food like duck tongues, duck wings at Lao Tian Lu store there.

We had an absolutely mouth-watering afternoon tea at Wedgwood Tearoom with our sisters. I love love love the scones, I've never tasted scones as good as these. It's a privilege for any customer to have tea there, because each table was served with different patterned tableware, ours was served in a royal blue set! My favourite shade of blue!!! I love this place.

Since we were at the top level of Sogo shopping mall, I took some pictures with the indoor garden there.

We went to Guang Hua Plaza, this place is where you can find all the IT gadgets, computer and game related stuff! We bought a lot of Blue Ray movies which the prices were much cheaper than those in Singapore, I got my camera bag at a good price too!

On the way taking the train home, I saw these wall displays! I really liked them! And oh, I have to mention about how civilized Taipei people were!!! Everyone was standing in line waiting for the train or on the escalator, also nobody rushed to the priority seats on the train.

The next day, we ate at an Italian restaurant call Lucca Pasta with out first sister and it's super delicious! My favorite pasta place so far!

Went to Maokong with first sister's family but unfortunately it's pouring rain after our cable car ride. Nonetheless we had a memorable moment chatting, drinking tea and eating hot baked sweet potatoes, that tasted so sweet like honey!

Went to Jing Hua City with my husband, apparently I find this place is super boring! Almost no one wants to go there, but my husband insisted to visit there every time we come to Taiwan and he had to drag me along.

Had a sumptuous sushi dinner that made us queue for almost 45 minutes. But it's worth it! I would love to eat sushi there again and again!

Another thing I love in Taiwan is their fresh fruit juices, it's cheap and rich taste from fresh fruit without adding water, I drink fresh fruit juice all the time when I was there, it's totally different taste from Singapore fruit juice, not watery or foamy, plus I didn't have to pay 50 cents or 1 dollar extra when asked for less ice.

I've experienced the tedious heavy traffic to get home after New Year countdown before. So we got home early on New Year's eve and watched small fireworks from our balcony. Beautiful nonetheless!

When to Bitan on a light rainy day! The weather didn't affect our mood as we were with our sister's family!!!

We had lunch at Waterfront restaurant as our nephews were intrigued by the barbecue racks! It's a recommended place to eat out at Bitan! Superb food!

Tightened our life jackets and we were off to the swan boat!

It was a delightfully fun day! I will always remember all our trips with our families!

Walked along the Bitan bridge and ate lots of street food! I love my nephews, as I watched them grow taller year by year, I'm glad that I didn't feel old at all!

Had dinner at Alice Steak House, grand courses!

I shall end my part 2 here! Will blog again soon!

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