Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple dishes with herbs

I love cooking with herbs, for the aroma they add to the food and also health benefits. I've grown several herb plants at home for cooking purposes. Today I share two simple dishes cooked with herbs.

First dish is Meat Patty with Herb, I used dill to cook this dish. Prepare minced meat and some dill, add rice starch and tapioca starch to the mix, also sprinkle salt and spices according to your taste. Heat oil in a pan. Use a table spoon to take an appropriate portion and flatten that potion to make a patty, fry until golden.

Tip: Oil the table spoon that is used to make patty, so that the meat won't stick to it. Sometimes I make fish or prawn patty.

This dish will taste flavorful with the dill aroma. It's a good snack that's easy to make.

The second dish is Omelette with Herbs. I use basil, tarragon and rosemary. Wash them and slice them into tiny pieces, add to slightly beaten eggs. Fry it.

Tip: Use a small frying pan for cooking omelette to get a better texture.

Lately, I used 5 eggs to make this omelette and my nephew loved it so much that he finished all of it by himself.


Xjion89 said...

looked lovely~
5 eggs a bit too many?

ur sis said...

ngon waaaaaaa!!!! XD
caj da day cua e no soj T_T

ur (puppy) sis said...

ngon waaaaaaa!!!! XD
caj da day cua e no soj T_T