Monday, July 09, 2012

A trip to Gardens by the Bay

We went to Gardens by the Bay few days ago. It's the first garden in the world to champion skyrise gardening, located next to Marina Bay Sands. It occupies 101ha and comprises three waterfront gardens - Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. So far, only Bay South Garden is open.

It's easy to get there. We walked to the top floor of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Then we walked across a bridge crossing over Marina Bay Sands Hotel to reach Gardens By The Bay.

Spotted the unique Supertrees from afar. There are eighteen of them, between 25m to 50m, serving as vertical gardens. These trees also mimic ecological functions of trees through their sustainable features.

Explored around and took pictures of these objects near to the ticket counters. The queue for tickets was very long although the ticket price was not cheap.

Finally we got the tickets to enter the Flower Dome! It's chilling inside the gardens with bright natural sunlight, just the right temperature and light that I love!

Suddenly overwhelmed with happiness! Silly me attempted to capture each and every plant and flower there. Of course I couldn't, there were too many!

"...Slightly bigger than the size of two football fields, the dome will feature plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions and are complemented by changing displays in the Flower Field reflect different seasons and festivals..."

As usual, a jump shot to show my liking for the place. Happy feet create happy mood!

We walked from the romantic gardens to the wilderness deserts. Felt pleasant around plants and awed by the vastness of displays.

Looking up to the tall and beautiful trees, promised myself to be a better person, better than who I am now.

We continued our trip and rushed to the Cloud Forest. "...Cloud Forest replicates the cool-moist climate of 23 to 25 deg C found in Tropical Montane regions (between 1,000 to 3,500m above sea level) such as Mt Kinabulu and high elevation areas in South America..."

There is even a 35m Cloud Mountain covered with lush vegetation and accompanies with a waterfall.

I enjoyed strolling inside the gallery and sitting down to watch a documentary, felt inspired for what I can do to stay in balance with nature.

We didn't have much time to explore the outdoor gardens, which are Heritage Gardens and The World of Plants. There weren't many restaurants open yet so we just walked back to Marina Bay Sands and dined at Todai, one of our favorite restaurants.

I look forward to visiting Gardens by the Bay again, when everything is complete and hopefully we will have enough time to walk through all the gardens.

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