Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crispy fried udon with egg

Another simple dish that I often cook for our dinner!

Here is my recipe for crispy fried udon with egg.
1. A packet of udon (I usually buy them in supermarkets).
2. Onions and coriander (up to your preference).
3. Eggs.
1. Put udon in hot water to separate them! Drain and rinse with cold water.
2. Chop onions, chop coriander.
Heat oil and stir fry chopped onions 'til fragrant. Add udon, stir fry 'til slightly golden with firm texture. Add soy sauce or any sauce (barbecue sauce or garlic sauce) to taste. Then stir fry udon with sauce for 5 minutes on medium heat.

Add eggs to udon and sizzle together with udon 'til golden color. Flip udon to cook the other side. Think of cooking this like cooking pancakes, to make that crispy texture.

When both sides are cooked, add coriander and continue to stir to separate udon!
Serve and enjoy!

The udon will taste chewy and crispy, it's also very flavorful and addictive!


Sungri94 said...

chi oi, 12h dem rui ma cai bung cua e.... nho cai hinh ngon mieng cua chi ay,trong them qua

Bear Bear said...

hahahah, tu luyen^. than^` chuong di!! :D