Monday, December 17, 2012

How to pack and organize luggage

Only few more days to my holiday trip in Taiwan, my luggages are all organized and ready for the trip!

Here are some of my packing tips!

 Make a list of things you want to pack.

 Categorize different purpose items into small bags or pouches, it's easier to reach for them later. Some of the pouches I often pack are:

1. Cosmetic pouch.
2. Lingerie pouch.
3. Hair styling product pouch.
4. Hair styling tool pouch.
5. T-shirt pouch.
6. Lg's socks and underwears pouch.
7. Chargers and Lg's shaver pouch.
8. Toiletries pouch.

For packing clothes:

Depending on the purpose of your trip and the weather of the destination to decide what clothes you should bring. I usually sort all the clothes that I consider bringing, then mix and match them before deciding what to pack.

Roll up clothes to save space. Make sure you fold them neatly and flat before rolling to avoid wrinkles. Pack rolled clothes in A3 or A4 ziplock bags to make them even more compact.

That's how I organize my luggage all the time! I hope these tips are helpful!

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