Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fun day at S-One Expo Stuttgart

We went to the S-One Expo: Stuttgart. The event featured trade and cultural highlights from Stuttgart, Germany. It will be held until 9 December 2012 at Marina at Keppel Bay.

Outfit of the day, with my pretty nails!

It was a pleasant weather yesterday, even though the sky looked a little gloomy!

I'm very happy with my skin lately. Glowing skin with no makeup at all!

Arrived at the S-one Expo, spotted the free shuttle bus to Dhoby Ghaut, City Hall and Vivocity. It's so convenient!

At the entrance, Lg filled up the registration forms to enter the lucky draw while I walked around snapping pictures. We both received free food coupons and free hotdog/beer coupons. That's very generous!

Amazed by how beautifully decorated the place was and fast to my jolly mood when I saw cute mascots walking around and greeted people. Everyone was wearing a warm smile on their faces, really light up my day.

Happily walking around to explore their showcasing for music, art, cuisines, wines and lifestyles from Stuttgart. I spotted the Gingerbread store, hanging wooden clocks and wooden figerines.

I was eager to try their food so we used the coupons to exchange for 2 hotdogs with bread. I love the hotdogs and the bread tastes good.

We purchased more coupons and tried another dish. It's Swabian Lentils with Sausage and German Pasta. Now I know how German Pasta tasted like, it's not like the usual Italian pasta type. I like lentils, it's very flavorful!

There's a treats store that sells confectionaries and wines from Stuttgart. The prices were quite reasonable so I bought a few things there.

We explored the market place that sells fruits and vegetables, I tried the cinnamon hot drink and liked it.

I was awed at the souvenir shop that sells handicraft stuff from Stuttgart.

They also have Singapore local food and drink stores as well as stores that showcased some Singapore unique trades.

I didn't forget to explore outside the pavillion where all the cars were displayed and also the replica of Friedrich Schiller's house.

It's a fun day exploring Stuttgart's culture, the experience was better than what I expected, made me want to visit Germany one day.
 Guten Tag everyone!!!

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