Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I was inspired

I read the news about Tan Swie Hian  who became the most expensive living artist in Singapore after his oil painting When The Moon Is Orbed (140cm x 206cm), was sold for 18.975 million yuan (S$3.7 million) at the Poly Autumn Auction's Modern And Contemporary Chinese Art Evening Sale in Beijing.

When The Moon Is Orbed (140cm x 206cm)

I like the painting and was astonished at the high price. Somehow I wasn't impressed with his skill in this painting, it looked amateurish! I expected something better especially since it was done by a recognised artist and a renowned master who is more than double my age...

But this is encouraging to me! I must continue to focus on what I can achieve! There's a fire in my heart right now, it's raging! I know I can be a good artist! I'll work harder and wait until opportunity knocks.. I'm all ears now... because...Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.

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