Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vietnam Tet 2013 part 1

We arrived in Vietnam just 2 days before Tet festival to celebrate the Tet Nguyen Dan, the Vietnamese New Year with my family.


On the way home, we drove past the bustling street market and I was so enthusiastic to snap pictures throughout the whole journey.

It's a tradition in Vietnam to have street markets before Tet, selling mainly plants like cherry blossoms and mandarin orange trees.

Also all sorts of Tet decorations.

And flowers!

As well as vegetables!!

This is such a nostalgic scene! A cherry blossom tree sitting on a richshaw! 

We often called this: "Carry Tet home!"

Another sweet scene that I liked very much!

That's all for my snap shots of street market before Tet! Enjoy!

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