Monday, February 25, 2013

Vietnam Tet 2013 part 4

During Tet in Vietnam, we usually stayed at home on the first day and we only visited relatives and friends from the second day onwards.

We visited our granny first on the second day and spent the rest of the day visiting other relatives. I took my time taking pictures with my camera, while my parents were busy talking with the elderly.

As a promise to my sisters, I took many pictures of them!

One of the sweetest surprise I would always remember was my best friend brought many seafood items to my parent's house and made an effort to cook up a storm in my mother's kitchen!

The dinner was a luxury, most importantly it was cooked by my dearest best friend!
I felt fortunate!  Thank you dear!

It's been so long since the last time I went to a relative get-together at my grandma's house! I was overwhelmed by the crowded gathering and  it's very heart warming seeing many familiar faces!  

After that, we continued visiting more relatives. We had good time talking and laughing while walking to the relatives' houses.

A new year with a new beginning! A wish for good health and prosperity to everyone!

Some street shots of my hometown in Vietnam. It has changed so much!

End of my post with some pictures of my mother's delicious home cooked food!

This trip brought me so many precious memories and I treasure all the moments that I shared with my loved ones!
I am grateful to have my family!

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