Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vietnam Tet 2013 part 2

When we reached home on the very first day, after hugging everyone, my heart ached when I saw my parents getting older...

"Welcome home! It's been too long!"...

Looking around the house, I was amazed by how much it changed! Slowly, I was back to my cheery mood, running up and down the grand staircase! I felt like a kid, happily exploring all the rooms!

I finally met my niece again after so many years. She has grown into a sweet little lady!!! She has good manners and very sensible! I like the way she talked, witty and polite, I couldn't believe she is only 3 and a half years old. I taught her to make a "peace" sign and a "dinosaur" sign and she could pose it very well!!! She is too adorable!!! I love it when I kissed her chubby cheeks she would always kiss me back spontaneously! Awwww!

I didn't forget to say "Hi" to the two dogs! The one in chains is actually a puppy and this was the first time we met! My parents gave it a funny name, "Con Dọn Bể" which mean Plecostomus, I laughed every time they mentioned that name, it's because of how he could finish his food quickly just by swallowing hence he grew so big after just a couple of months. The other one is "Cutie", he always remembered me and welcomed me whenever I'm back to Vietnam.

I was very excited to cuddle Marie, the fluffy Persian cat and all of her kittens!!! They are so gentle and super easy going! I miss playing "cat fishing" with them! 

Besides all the fluffy white cats, there was a Calico cat in the house! Her name is Mimi! She was quite shy the first time she saw me but she was quick to accept me and responded to me whenever I called her name. She liked to play and she is a very agile cat!

More cute shots of the cats!

Surprisingly all the cats love to come to our room! After I brought Marie, the mommy cat, to our room, all the other kittens followed her into our room, including Mimi.

My parents ensured us that all the cats are toilet trained, which was true! All of them slept in the bed with us and meowed whenever they want to get out!


passerby said...

i <3 cats!
nice shots!

passerby said...

i <3 cats!
nice shots!

Bear Bear said...

I love cats too, and dogs, and rabbits, haha!