Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fried Wonton

I'm not sure if I want to turn my diary blog into a cooking blog, but currently, this is what I enjoy doing!!!

Another simple and mouth-watering dish, it's Fried Wonton!!!

+ Minced meat, prawns, scallions, dried mushrooms, wonton skins.

+Wash prawns, remove shell, devein, and cut into pea-size pieces. Soak dried mushrooms and chop finely, also chop scallion into smaller pieces.

+Combine the minced meat, prawns, mushrooms and scallion in a bowl, add cornstarch, seasoning powder and pepper. Mix well.

+ Fill each wonton skin with about 1 teaspoon of the filling, fold into half, if you use the square wonton wrappers, then fold into a triangle shape.


Heat oil in a deep pot then deep fry the wontons, fry both sides until the wontons turn crispy and golden. Drain the oil from the wontons. Enjoy when it's hot!!!


Lisa said...

I love wontons. Yours look so delicious

Bear Bear said...

Thank you! ^-^