Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oriental pork liver stir-fry

It's quite a pleasure to be able to cook everyday for people who enjoy eating my food. Another dish added to my blog, it's Oriental Pork Liver Stir-fry.

This is a very delicious and healthy dish, plus it's simple to cook! Let's see!


+ Pork liver.
+ Scallions, gingers, garlic.
+ Baby corns, bean sprouts, coriander. (optional)


+ Slice pork liver and marinate with seasoning and corn starch.
+ Slice scallions, garlic and gingers thinly.
+ Slice baby corns and coriander.
+ Wash bean sprouts.

 Note: I like to slice ginger into two types when cooking this dish, one with thin strips and the other is big thin pieces (as shown on the pink plate in the first picture). I like the savoury taste of ginger eaten together with liver.

+ Heat oil, toss in garlic, stir until slightly fragrant, add in scallions and gingers, continue to stir for a while before adding livers. Increase the heat to cook the liver in big fire and try to sauté everything fast, (the big fire will bring out the nice aroma of all the ingredients and sauté fast to avoid the liver hardening.)

+ When the liver is about to be done, add a bit of soy sauce and rice wine if you have, then add corn starch diluted with water, stir until slightly thicken! Just taste and adjust the sauce according to your liking! Add baby corns and bean sprouts when the liver is done, stir for a while more, turn off the heat and add coriander last! Serve and enjoy!!!

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