Monday, October 31, 2011

Dreams & Reality: Masterpieces from the Musée d'Orsay

I'm a dreamer, a practical dreamer I would say. I appreciate art very much as they are my inspiration to keep up with what I'm doing. Going to art exhibitions is my joy, thus Dreams & Reality at National Museum of Singapore was an event that I would never miss.

I could stare at a painting for a long time, Lg sometimes asked what did I find interesting in them, I told him umpteenth times that I'm learning from the artist strokes, the compositions, the contrasts of light and shade or just being stunned by the artworks.

After I was satisfied with my studying, we proceeded to the next exhibition which is the William Farquhar's collection of Natural History Drawings.

This exhibition is a new addition to the permanent galleries at National Museum of Singapore.
Watercolor is my favorite medium and I love the details in these artworks!

Because the collection is huge, so they're going to rotate the paintings once in a while.

While I was fascinated with the collection, Lg just sat in a corner and waited for me patiently. His joy is watching me enjoying myself!!! :D

I was so happy as not many people were inside this gallery, I had all my peace and quiet time admiring these artworks!