Saturday, October 29, 2011

I HEART Desigual!!!

My new obsession for now is Desigual! I stumbled upon their store casually and went crazy with their new collection. I could see the thoughtfulness in every small detail of their clothes with great quality and beautifully complimenting my petite frame.

A side note about my dressing code, I like to dress as if I was in a winter country whenever it's raining in Singapore. Because it's quite cold in shopping malls here, which I like!

Back to my love for Desigual, I found a special area in their shop with Christian Lacroix collaborated designs. I have a tendency of buying T-shirts with pictures that look like paintings. I just love them!

One of my must-have pieces was this blue and fuchsia checkered blouse. I like to personalize my favorite clothes by adding more things to them. Actually most of my clothes are modified by me no matter how gorgeous they already looked originally. And this piece was no exception. I sewed beads, buttons and crystals to make it my absolutely loved piece!

I also bought these pieces from Desigual which I really like! The T-shirt complimented my figure nicely and it felt so soft and silky on my skin! The design on the shirt has so much details which represent the artwork on its own. The collar was lined with silk as well as decorative pads on the shoulders. The knitted sweater was just what I've been looking for, it matched well with any of my outfits and I love how vibrant it looked with such a striking tribal design.

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