Sunday, October 30, 2011

Xbox Kinect games are the best!!!

I'm addicted to Kinect games, especially Dance Central!!! I was waiting for Dance Central 2 for so long and finally got it! I love all the songs inside Dance Central and their dance moves!

Here are some of my dance games, I forgot to include Michael Jackson the Experience game in this picture.

Here I am, jumping like an X shape, to show how I support Xbox!!! lol

I usually spend at least 3 hours on Dance Central games every Sunday, Lg always dance with me and he improves his moves really fast, sometimes he even get higher scores than me!

Anyway, I posted my very first video of Dance Central on Youtube. Lg suddenly captured a video for me instead of photos. I like it very much but you can only see my silhouette moving!!! Hahahah!!! I got 5 stars on hard level on my third attempt even though I messed up lots of moves, but I tried.


Pandabonium said...

Fast walking is about all the aerobic exercise I get these days! But keep up the dancing and stay fit as long as you can.

Bear Bear said...

Fast walking is good enough to stay healthy! :)