Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My new camera

I got an early Christmas present from my Lg! It's an Olympus Pen E-P3 bundled with two lens. It was after months of research and consideration to get the most suitable camera for me to upgrade from a point and shoot camera. I still love my TX1 but I've always wanted to own a vintage retro looking camera.

Fujifilm FinePix X100 was my first choice, but I withdrew the idea of having one after reading reviews on some forums that X100 is a quirky and complicated camera with all the manual settings that's only fit for a pro but I'm not!

The price of Fujifilm X100 is ridiculously expensive, I thought of buying a DSLR camera instead! Canon EOS 600D was what I thought of. The alternate name for Canon EOS 600D is Canon Rebel or Canon Kiss, it sounded pretty cool and girlish! But Lg is super dreadful towards DSLRs as they're bulky and he hated the ego that comes with it. He often told me a DSLR looked lame and pretentious on a person that doesn't know how to use it well.

He did his research and suggested me to look at Olympus Pen E-P3. I wasn't convinced with the Pen series at first, especially the new E-P3 because of its price tag. We argued several times over this, because I stubbornly thought that I would rather get a 600D with the price of E-P3 .

But I changed my mind after one incident when I was trying my hands on 600D. I noticed their rubberized grip being torn and hanging loosely on the camera. Then the sale's assistant told me because 600D body is reinforced polycarbonate so this would happen sooner or later. After umpteenth times of comparing different types of cameras again. I concluded the Olympus Pen E-P3 suited me best! Even with its sturdy magnesium alloy chassis, it's smaller to carry around than 600D, it has a retro look like X100 but easier to handle.

I'm very long winded here, but I just want to sort out my thoughts and get myself ready to cope with this new camera and promise to use it well with its manual functions.

I'm excited to dress up my camera with its accessories like matching leather skin, leather case and my favorite is their Leather Cooper bag.
These are some pictures I took with my new Pen E-P3. The settings were in I-Auto mode and I'm pleased with their image qualities.

These were taken in some art filter modes. There are 36 art filters, I'm very amazed!

The more I interacted with this camera, the more I felt in love with its super easy to handle character. It's so effortless to produce beautiful pictures without complicated manual handling.  I'm happy with my choice and grateful for having it from my Lg!

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