Saturday, November 19, 2011

Plants and cute stuff

I've successfully grown bitter gourd plant in a pot and let its vines climb on my balcony grilles. I love bitter gourd dishes and the smell of their leaves.

My little garden.

Some other plants that I've grown, chilli, pomegranate, eggplant, small mandarin orange and Yomogi, also called "Ngải Cứu" in Vietnamese, I like this herb very much, it's a common herb in Vietnam and I've grown up eating it.

Lg bought me this Hello Kitty bowl with rose patterns, it's very cute!!! He often surprises me with cute little things.

He also bought for me some furry decorative stickers that I super love.


mooneywithrene said...

Yee hawwwww !!! Your plants look so fresh and i noticed that you have a lot of new and cute decorations around your pictures lately . What an amazing job you do , thanks for sharing dear \(^_^)/

Bear Bear said...

Thanks baby! I miss you! :(

Pandabonium said...

Can't say I'm big fan of bitter gourds, but we have a pomegranate bush and grow strawberries and blue berries which are wonderful. We also have a big mandarin tree which was here long before we moved in and which some years puts out a smaller amount of big, sweet fruit, and other years - like this one, has an incredible amount of fruit, but they are smaller and very tart. Weather patterns I think.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your gardening efforts. They all look healthy. Nothing like eating food right out of the garden, eh?

Bear Bear said...

That's right! I'm always eager to harvest my fruits even though they are much smaller than those in the market!!! :)