Monday, October 31, 2011

Dreams & Reality: Masterpieces from the Musée d'Orsay

I'm a dreamer, a practical dreamer I would say. I appreciate art very much as they are my inspiration to keep up with what I'm doing. Going to art exhibitions is my joy, thus Dreams & Reality at National Museum of Singapore was an event that I would never miss.

I could stare at a painting for a long time, Lg sometimes asked what did I find interesting in them, I told him umpteenth times that I'm learning from the artist strokes, the compositions, the contrasts of light and shade or just being stunned by the artworks.

After I was satisfied with my studying, we proceeded to the next exhibition which is the William Farquhar's collection of Natural History Drawings.

This exhibition is a new addition to the permanent galleries at National Museum of Singapore.
Watercolor is my favorite medium and I love the details in these artworks!

Because the collection is huge, so they're going to rotate the paintings once in a while.

While I was fascinated with the collection, Lg just sat in a corner and waited for me patiently. His joy is watching me enjoying myself!!! :D

I was so happy as not many people were inside this gallery, I had all my peace and quiet time admiring these artworks!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Xbox Kinect games are the best!!!

I'm addicted to Kinect games, especially Dance Central!!! I was waiting for Dance Central 2 for so long and finally got it! I love all the songs inside Dance Central and their dance moves!

Here are some of my dance games, I forgot to include Michael Jackson the Experience game in this picture.

Here I am, jumping like an X shape, to show how I support Xbox!!! lol

I usually spend at least 3 hours on Dance Central games every Sunday, Lg always dance with me and he improves his moves really fast, sometimes he even get higher scores than me!

Anyway, I posted my very first video of Dance Central on Youtube. Lg suddenly captured a video for me instead of photos. I like it very much but you can only see my silhouette moving!!! Hahahah!!! I got 5 stars on hard level on my third attempt even though I messed up lots of moves, but I tried.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I HEART Desigual!!!

My new obsession for now is Desigual! I stumbled upon their store casually and went crazy with their new collection. I could see the thoughtfulness in every small detail of their clothes with great quality and beautifully complimenting my petite frame.

A side note about my dressing code, I like to dress as if I was in a winter country whenever it's raining in Singapore. Because it's quite cold in shopping malls here, which I like!

Back to my love for Desigual, I found a special area in their shop with Christian Lacroix collaborated designs. I have a tendency of buying T-shirts with pictures that look like paintings. I just love them!

One of my must-have pieces was this blue and fuchsia checkered blouse. I like to personalize my favorite clothes by adding more things to them. Actually most of my clothes are modified by me no matter how gorgeous they already looked originally. And this piece was no exception. I sewed beads, buttons and crystals to make it my absolutely loved piece!

I also bought these pieces from Desigual which I really like! The T-shirt complimented my figure nicely and it felt so soft and silky on my skin! The design on the shirt has so much details which represent the artwork on its own. The collar was lined with silk as well as decorative pads on the shoulders. The knitted sweater was just what I've been looking for, it matched well with any of my outfits and I love how vibrant it looked with such a striking tribal design.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Sweet Hubby

My hubby told me he would be back to Singapore this Monday, but he came home today!

He looked like a zombie with his serious dark eye circles. He handed me his luggage and said "This is all yours".

All mine! Even the Coach bags! The rest are my favorite snacks from Japan, some re-ments and a set of Hiroshige Prints poker, Super Mild shampoo with conditioner and different types of Shower-Powder Sheets which I love to stock up!

He anxiously asked me if I liked the bags. Of course I do! I treasure all the gifts. And I respect his taste!

Even though I'm not a bag person and I prefer buying clothes over shoes or bags. But lately I don't mind carrying a bag out, with the condition that it comes with a shoulder strap.

The first time I spotted a bag for my liking is a blue leather Poppy from Coach! I couldn't take my eyes off it. So he bought it for me! This time, these bags that he bought are also from Poppy and with shoulder straps.

My hubby is always sweet like that, whenever he knows what I like, he will spoil me until I have to declare "Enough! I'm sick of it."

I'm excited about matching these new bags with my clothes.

Munching on the snack that Lg bought. I could finish the whole pack in 15 minutes. But I wouldn't hahahaha.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Like a rose

While shopping at Vivocity, I received a pretty rose from a Coach promoter together with their Poppy perfume testing strip. It brightened my mood right after that! Rose is my favorite flower. I also like the fragrance of Poppy perfume. It has a fresh and lovely scent, the bottle looks pretty too.

Silly me, kept holding onto the rose everywhere I went. Poor rose got so tattered when I got home!

Bought a pair of Bebe heels today. I'm not a high heel person and I don't wear heels often but this pair has leather upper with a convenient back zipper. Plus it looks both sexy and fierce which I super love!

"Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else. Your completeness must be understood by you and experienced in your thoughts as your own personal reality." ~Beverly Sills~

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Recent update

A lovely surprise from my Lg after his business trip. It's a Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, added to my growing collection.

I dress feminine lately and I love walking long hours~~~ so high heels are prohibited!
My top was from Pull&Bear and ribbon skirt from H&M!

Cute hats! Can't resist cuteness! Snow Leopard Hooded Scarf from River Island and Wool Trapper with Ear Flaps from Ted Baker.

Saw a phrase at H&M and really like it: "Forget the Rules - If It Makes You Happy, Wear It."