Friday, August 24, 2012

Canopy Walk and Reflections at Bukit Chandu

Last weekend was a long weekend so we spent a day for a nature trail walk. It's been quite a while!

Outfit of that day! The canopy walk is part of the Kent Ridge Trail that I wanted to complete, which is just outside the Reflections at Bukit Chandu museum.

After having our favourite lunch at Alexandra Village Food Centre, we slowly made our way to the Alexandra Arch to reach the Hortpark.

The sun was quite harsh that day, even walking through the Hortpark made us perspire a lot. But I enjoyed the beautiful displays at Hortpark as always.

Finally we reached a slightly sloped trail and continued walking up to the Reflections at Bukit Chandu museum, it's close to where the Battle of Pasir Panjang was fought on Feb 14, 1942 - one day before the British surrendered to the Japanese during World War II. The museum showcases details of the battle.

I love visiting museums, pardon me if I mentioned that too many times. You may wonder if you would visit this museum even you're not a museum-goer. You should! Because the air-conditioned museum would definitely save your day!

It seems to me that everything in museums are interesting! I just love learning new stuff and improving my knowledge! Nerd much? I do think so!

After relaxing and cooling down in the museum, we continued our trip to the Canopy walk. I enjoyed the lush greenery and Lg's company all the time. We had so much to laugh and chat about along the way.

Love to take minutes like these,
Minutes of peace, surreal ease
Little to hide, leisurely free
Hush and sincere
So connected
Here by my side
So contented.

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